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Clinical Research GHb/A1c Test Kit

The DTIL A1c Clinical Resrearch Multi-Test kits are designed for clinical trials, (including Human, Rat,

Mice, and Primate samples), large volume users, on-site diabetes screening and/or health fairs.  

Kits include:

Custom Lab ID Forms.

Custom Kit Labeling. 

Custom Clinical Protocols. 

Materials and supplies to collect and process 50 A1c and/or GHb samples. 

Each kit comes with a pre-addressed/postage paid Priority Mailer (holds up to 50 samples). 2-3 day typical sample delivery by USPS. Built-in storage and workstation. UPS Next Day Air Service is available for screening events. Lab

reports are generated with 24 hours from arival in the testing lab..

Self-contained kit. - 30 day sample stability un-refrigerated. Detects human hemoglobinopathies. HPLC-IE 

and/or BA interference free reference method. Ideal for pharmaceutical companies, University and Research studies

and projects.

A1c/GHb test results can be posted at our secure website: https://www.mya1cresults.com/login.asp and/or e-mailed

to designated coordinator. 

Human out comes data is directly traceable to the DCCT. - Meets all guidelines for the measurement of

glycohemoglobin. - Interference free method. - No elution of sample. - No false elevation by uremia.

18 Month kit shelf-life. - Excellent CAP survey history. No refrigeration needed.

Kits include:                                                                            

50 Numbered vials containing EDTA/.025 KCN in workstation  
50 Bio-hazard bags
50 Capillary tubes with holders or Capillary tube devices
50 Single Use Lancets
1 Pre-addressed/postage paid Priority Mailer
50 2-part Individually numbered lab forms
or one (1) 2 -part numbered manifest for non-human studies

Price: A1c Multi-Test Kits are available in kits of 50 tests. 

Ideal for screening and health fairs.  50 test kit list price:

$1,495.00 plus freight. 

Please call for a quotation or to order you testing kit:
Toll Free: 888.872.2443

A1c and/or GHb Point of Care Kit

PN: 882315R