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DTI Laboratories, Inc., (DTIL)is considered a leader in hemoglobin A1c testing including: detection of  abnormal hemoglobin variants  (such as Hb S, C and Fetal hemoglobin).  DTIL developed the FDA approved finger-stick (capillary) A1c collection test kit in 1998.  In 2002 the AccuBase A1c kit was FDA approved for OTC use.  In addition to being a leading company in A1c testing at-home,  the AccuBase kit HPLC-IE technology has supported major clinical trials or many years. DTIL continues to support over a dozen major Universities (specific references upon request and approval) in areas of studies of diabetes, pre-diabetes, clinical out comes, research and behavioral neuroscience. Publication references upon request.  

DTIL manufactures and markets a 5.07/10gr level monofilaments for the Professional detection of Loss Of Protective Sensation. DTIL also has developed a self-administered (home version) of the sensory test.  In 2002 DTI Laboratories, Inc.,

was established to perform high volume A1c testing. 

DTIL has developed and published (to this site) a series of 25 diabetes education titles, in an effort to improve the quality

of clinical care and quality of life for individuals with diabetes. Plans are to update education materials on a regular basis.

DTIL is full-service organization dedicated to individuals with all forms of diabetes. Our highly experienced staff of Doctors, Technicians, Laboratory Personnel, Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), research scientist believe in working with our patients

and clients to improve their diabetes control and care. We work together to serve your the needs of the medical community and patients. 

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