The AccuBase A1c Home Test Kit is a non-fasting, finger stick, whole blood mail-in aqueous transfer technology test.  It is considered highly accurate and very reliable with over 20 years of success in the industry. This is not an Laboratory developed Test (LDT) or Dried Blood Spot (DBS) test. LDT/DBS mail-in tests are know to have temperature, humidity, transport and application problems. The AccuBase A1c Test is approved for the diagnosis and/or screening for diabetes. The blood sample size is 1 small drop and sample stability is > 21 days from collection.  LDT A1c tests are not FDA approved and are all the same as DBS Technology.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that A1c samples be screened for abnormal hemoglobins as part of the screening and/or diagnosing process. ​The AccuBase A1c Test is the only A1c home test that screens for abnormal hemoglobins using HPLC-IE. Abnormal hemoglobins are know to cause interferences in A1c testing. LDT/DBS mail-in A1c tests are incapable of detecting

abnormal hemoglobins.

DTIL has participated in the College of American Pathology (CAP) GH2 surveys for over 18 years with excellent and consistent results. The AccuBase A1c Test Kit does not require any drying time, samples can be collected and mailed within minutes. The kit comes complete with positive patient ID, EDTA sample vial (preserves the sample) and unique capillary tube device for ease of accurate sample collection. Unlike LDT/DBS A1c tests that require the patient to collect several (as many as 5 large drops of blood applied to paper strips or applicators, The AccuBase kit does not. 

Our A1c home test analytical method uses the HPLC-IE method which is approved for diabetes screening and is NGSP certified. Samples are stable for >21 day un-refrigerated once collected.  Each test result comes with an estimated Average Glucose (eAG) calculation based on the DCCT Equation: % A1c X 28.7 - 46.7 = eAG in mg/dl.  Test results are typically available within 5 to 7 days form mailing. Rapid turnaround can be arranged to provide, next-day, second-day or three day results. Ideal for confidential diabetes screening, DTIL also provides kits that are 100% HIPAA compliant for outreach programs and clinical trails.

Our A1c home test kits are available in either English or Spanish and can be private labeled as part of a CLIA/FDA process.  Patients can receive a copy of the test results. - Electronic outcomes reporting available at our secure website.  FTP service available to managed care/health outcomes organizations/providers.



​​DTIL is pleased to offer the:

AccuBase A1c Home Mail-In Test Kit
FDA cleared for over-the-counter (OTC)

CLIA Waived use

                                                                 Current Kit Lot expiration date: 11/28/2021


                                                                              A1c test kit price includes Shipping /Handling
                                                                              USPS With Tracking Label or UPS with UPS        

Pricing                                                                  Tracking Notification via e-mail

$44.95 each                                         

For distributor or wholesale pricing:  Please call for quotation. 888.872.2433

Each AccuBase A1c Home Test Kit kit includes:

Components required to collect and mail 1 A1c blood sample.

Postage Paid/Pre-Addressed Return  Mailer with USPS Tracking Number on label 

Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory reporting at secure website:

Access to educational materials

Major Credit Cards Accepted.

CPT Medicare code 83036 

Requires only 1 drop of blood.

​Central testing laboratory

21 day sample stability

after collection

Collect and send at your convenience

Procedure Method

Aqueous Transfer Technology (ATT)

Product description and IT capabilities
Product description: AccuBase A1c Home Test Kit
PN:  881001 (1 test kit)
NDC Code: 08141-477-01
FDA cleared status: Cleared for diabetes diagnosis and screening as an over the counter (OTC) test.
Kit shelf-life 18 months from DOM
Sample stability: >21 days after collection (un refrigerated)
Sample size 5 ul's
Analytical method:  HPLC-IE.
Test results reporting:  Secure website lab results reporting (client is assigned a secure ID and password),
Lab ID forms: Custom design (no extra charge). Can label the forms with you study name and/or omit a location for patient/subject name.
Freight: UPS Ground: typically carton of 100 kits/18/18/18.
Freight method: FOB UPS Ground (unless other instructed).
Kits can also be numbered on the outside of the kits (.50 extra QC charge).
Laboratory: DTI Laboratories, Inc., National Reference Lab specializing in A1c and abnormal hemoglobins  
CLIA/CMS licensed/Waived test.
Video demonstration of kit available at (A1c Video link)
Technical support: 24/7 toll free line: 888.872.2443
Delivery time: typically 2 days from receipt of payment.
Accuracy: CV's < 2.0%.
Lab turnaround time: Typically 24 hours from receipt of test.
Private labeling is available (quote on request)
Comprehensive Secure web based services
TLS secure transmissions on e-mail
Programming FTP, pre enrollment, order fulfillment and real time data reporting

A1c Home Test Kit

DTI Laboratories, Inc.

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