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                                        Tobacco Use and Second Hand Smoke Exposure Test
                                                   Simple Mail-In Urine Sample Test Kit
                                                                     AccuCOT Test™

New highly accurate (99%) qualitative grade, immunoassay based, mail-in testing kit for the detection of Cotinine (COT).  The nicotine test will detect 1st hand cigarette, cigar, pipe and chewing tobacco use. Cotinine is the major metabolite of nicotine in the urine. Cotinine in the urine may be detected for days if not weeks after the cessation of tobacco use. The test has a positive level cut-off concentration of 200 ng/mL.

The mail-in test kit is ideal and specific for those individuals that need only be tested for presence of nicotine (Cotinine) in the urine, and not other drug testing. The test is for the determination of smoking status only, no other drugs will be tested.

The test is performed by a highly qualified CLIA approved drug and diagnostic reference laboratory (DTI Laboratories, Inc.). The laboratory provides a individualized laboratory report of test results. Under HIPAA laws, the lab results can only be provided to the individual requesting the test. If the individual ordering the test requests, the test results can be sent to a third party (such as an insurance company or healthcare provider including a HMO or PPO). 

If you are a health provider or outcomes marker monitoring/screening company or organization and wish for your members or clients to be tested, you simply have the member sign a release of release of information for testing.

Test kits include all necessary components to collect and mail one (1) COT urine sample collection test; Kits are stable for 5 years and once the sample is collected the sample is stable for 30 days. Each test is numbered for positive identification and contains a corresponding numbered laboratory ID form, Instructions for Use, pre-addressed/postage paid return mailer, bio-hazard bag, urine collection cup and numbered urine sample vial. The test can be collected at any time day or night. Once collected, the sample should be placed in the mail as soon as possible. Typical turnaround time for test reporting is 48 hours from date of receipt in the testing laboratory.

Currently no drugs have been found to interfere with this test. Some supplements and or food may cause false elevation of levels of cotinine. A list is provide.  Individuals desiring to take this test should discuss their use with your physician before stopping use in advance of taking this test. Nicotine patches may interfere with this test and should be considered a possible cause for elevated levels.  The laboratory form will provide a detailed check list of possible confounders. You will be asked to check any that are applicable to you at the time of performing the test. Some genetic disorders may effect the rate of nicotine metabolism. The incidence of this type of genetic defect seems to be increased in the Asian population.

The AccCOT Test is considered a preliminary screening test. In order to confirm a more specific chemical confirmation of the concentration of COT in the urine, additional testes such as Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is preferred as a confirmatory method. Clinical/diagnostic considerations including professional judgment should be applied to any drug test results, particularly when screening tests results are determined to be positive (+).

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Part number (P/N): 89013

Description: One (1) Mail-in AccuCOT urine sample collection test. Includes pre-paid return sample mailer.

CLIA Waived: Yes

Price: $15.95 per test, plus shipping.

Discounts available for orders over 100 kits.



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